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Safety and security principles are the foundation on which all jail operations must be built. Without effective, continuous safety and security practices, everyone is exposed to a variety of risks. CrisisAIertTM, is an Internet Of Things (IOT) incident alerting solution that exceeds the previous generation of alert system. CrisisAlertTM empowers all personnel members to request assistance and implement lockdown protocols from anywhere on campus at the touch of one button. We go well beyond the limitations of legacy communications devices and single-dimensional apps, because in a crisis: Every. Second. Matters.

One Button Emergency Notification Solution

entail both audible and visible cues

inside and outside on campus

Advantages of Mobile App Alert System -vs-
Most faculty and staff own a smart phone allowing for The Alert App System to be the least expensive alet system.
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CrisisAlert Technology

Location Accuracy
Our innovative technology determines the location of the alert, down to the room-level.
Audio and visual notification
Campus-wide alerts communicate emergency information using colored strobe lights, desktop alerts and intercom integration.
Real-Time Locating
Pinpoint locating that relays information about who needs help and exactly where they are located.
Total Campus Coverage
Badges allow alerts to be triggered from any corner of campus, whether inside a classroom or outside at the edge of the athletic field.
Immediate Notification
With the simple push of a button, alerts instantly reach responders with real time location any where on campus.
One Button Alert Badge
Enable every staff member to immediately call for help, or alert for a medical emergency, or crisis situation.

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CrisisAlert™, the revolutionary Crisis Management Platform

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