RRM Atlanta
719 MCDONOUGH BLVD S.E., , , 30315,
Category Georgia


19 Juveniles
7,563 Home Confinement
540 Jail/Short-term
101 Long-term Boarders
6,070 Residential Reentry Centers
Judicial DistrictNorthern Georgia Middle Georgia Southern Georgia South Carolina
Southeast Regional Office
3800 CAMP CRK PK SW/BDG 2000, , , 30331,
Category Georgia

23,916 Offenders

USP Atlanta
601 MCDONOUGH BLVD SE, , , 30315,
Category Georgia
Security Level

A medium security U.S. penitentiary with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp and a detention center.

Inmate GenderMale Offenders


1,779 Total Inmates
1,656 Inmates at the USP & FDC
123 Inmates at the Camp
Judicial DistrictNorthern Georgia

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